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YO! Sushi Ocean Rowing Boat For Lia Ditton With A Full Digitally Printed Hull Vinyl Wrap And Graphics


LEYTON Sponsored Sunfast 3300 Sailing Boat With A Full Vinyl Yacht Hull Wrap




Class 40 Netflix Narcos Sailing With Digitally Printed Yacht Hull Wrap And Digitally Printed Vinyl Wrap Sails



Full Digitally Printed BMW Estate Vinyl Wrap For Silver Lining Communication Innovation


Foam Steering Wheel Grip On Volvo Ocean Race Boat Sailing Offshore



Velociwrap company logo, recycled, velociraptor, velociwraptor
About Us

Born from a unique need to supply bespoke graphics services to racing yachts and the marine industry. Over the decades we have gone from strength to strength becoming a worldwide renown graphics agency with a rugged reputation for meticulous preparation and delivery across all aspects of branding.

Known to be a go to authority for graphics solutions we having worked in partnership with the major product manufactures being a crucial part in guiding how the marine branding industry has evolved.

Whats in a name? Why Velociwrap?! Simply why not. Business need not be more complicated than building a fantastic loyal client base, and having fun! Digging a little deeper; “Veloci” {latin for speed}, “Wrap” {vinyl wrapping is what we do}. Needless to say combined this sounds like a Velociraptor, giving us some scope for a cool and fun logo.

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