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Foam Wheel Grip Installations

Steering wheel foam grip is a necessity for wheel helmed racing yachts. The dry closed cell surface insulates over night and remains cool whilst baking in the sun.

We have now installed wheel foam grip to hundreds of premier racing yachts worldwide, including all the teams in the last two editions of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Benefits Include

Colour Options

30+ colours options.

Super Grippy

Grips better than gloss, especially when wet.

Warm to touch

Warm to touch, and barrier from cold.

Light Weight

Light weight EVA foam, apx 50-75g per wheel.

Fast Installation

Rapid installation in a matter of days, no long expensive refit.

Non abrasive

Does not abrade; skin, clothing, wet weather gear, lanyards…

Great Value for Money

Low cost negating the need for long expensive refits.

Worldwide Service

Worldwide installation service.

Stays grippy

Stays grippy, non-slip ability does not deteriorate over time.

Insulates From Hot Carbon

Insulates from hot carbon wheels.


Costs will vary on various factors including; size of the wheel, foam colours, complexity with spokes and sealed edges. But you should expect the below to be a good guide.

Single wheels: £215-265.

Double wheels: £350-450.

Grip removal & preparation for installation: £150 per wheel.

NOTE: All pricing is subject to 20% VAT. And excludes any necessary shipping costs. If you need help with shipping we can assist using our expert shipping agents.


  • How can I maximise the life of my foam wheel grip?
    • Keeping the wheel in a good wheel cover will protect it indefinitely from UV and the elements.
  • Can I personalise the grip?
    • Yes, there are a few colour options we can order in. Black is the most popular colour which we keep as stock.
  • Is the foam grip permanent?
    • No it can be shaved off with a sharp blade and scrubbed with heavy solvents. The substrate surface will be keyed up for good adhesion from the contact adhesive & sikaflex. We offer this service.
  • What what materials will take a foam grip?
    • Any smooth stable surface; clear coat carbon, bare carbon, stainless steel, aluminium. If there is loose paint or varnish this will be backed to a good surface is found.
  • Should I paint the wheel before or after gripping?
    • We highly recommend paint the wheel prior to make for a seamless join.
  • What about shipping?
    • Yes, most of our wheels are shipped to our HQ in the UK. We can arrange this for you with our shipping agent or you can arrange it yourself.
  • How should I package the wheels?
    • A frequent option is to pack them into a bike bag, with lots of bubble wrap and cardboard packaging. This could also be taken as sports equipment on a flight. Please note we will return you wheels in the same packaging they arrive in.
    • NOTE: We will take no responsibility for any damage or delays caused in transit, and highly recommend taking out insurance.
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