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Foam Deck Grip Installations

A foam deck grip has become the preferred choice of deck grip for inshore and offshore racing yachts. The water-resistant closed cell foam with marine grade adhesive has a superior grip over other more traditional decking options.

Benefits Include

Colour Options

20+ colours options, bespoke possible.

Super Grippy

Super grippy underfoot and non-slip capability that does not deteriorate over time.

Warm to touch

Warm to touch, and barrier from cold.

Texture Options

3 texture options; smooth, dots (embossed) and brushed.

Fast Installation

Rapid installation in a matter of days, no long expensive refit.

Sound Dampening

Excellent acoustic barrier and sound dampener for internal applications.

Great Value for Money

Low cost negating the need for long expensive refits.

No Particles

Does not release grit particles; polluting the environment, and eroding deck gear bearings.

Stays grippy

Stays grippy, non-slip ability does not deteriorate.

Does not abrade

Does not abrade; skin, clothing, wet weather gear, sail bags.


As a guide basic foam deck grip starts from £40 sqm + installation. Variable on area, complication and bespoke requirements.

30′ – 40′ yacht cockpit installed: £610 – £730

40′ – 50′ yacht cockpit installed: £1,100 – £1,340

50′ – 60′ yacht cockpit installed: £1,590 – £1,830

NOTE: All pricing is subject to 20% VAT.


How long does it last?

A foam deck grip will age with wear and exposure to UV. A frequent round-the-cans racer should expect a few seasons looking great, and can go for several years with care. World stage teams would replace their grip each season in refits to remove any signs of use.

Can I personalise the grip?

Yes, many customers add bespoke boat names, logos, trim markers, tacking angles and so on… This is CNC cut in to the grip and also the contrasting colour to have the desired effect.

How can I prolong the life of my foam deck grip?

    • The main causing for diminishing life are;
      • Excessive constant wear / traffic.
      • prolonged exposure to UV.
      • hard objects winch handles, boom ends, iPad’s could damage the foam when dropped. The foam will also help to protect the substrate.
      • dragging heavy objects like sails across.
      • exposure to solvents and heavy chemicals.

How is the foam deck grip removed?

    • Removing foam deck is not clean nor easy! Expect to remove 6-12 sqm of foam and adhesive in a day. You’ll need a few different types of scrapers and adhesive removers till you find the technique that works for your deck. We can offer a service to do this for you.

Can I lay foam deck grip on to gel coat grip?

    • Yes. Many of the one design teams do this with great success. Though Overlaying a factory moulded gelcoat will leave tiny air pockets which could in time become wet. So where possible we definitely recommend a flat surface.

What surface finishes grips is there.

    • The 3 main types of finish are smooth, brushed and embossed.
      • Smooth finish is the most popular surface finish, and will show the least amount of wear.
      • Brushed is the very least amount of wear.
      • Embossed (dots) is very popular amongst pleasure craft but the dots wear out the quickest.

What thicknesses does the grip come in?

    • We stock only 3mm in popular colours, but can get anything from 2mm to 6mm in various sheet sizes.

What size sheets does it come in?

    • Smooth foam is stocked in 2.44m * 1.22m (3 sqm) sheets. Brushed and embossed (dots) is limited to 2m * 1m (2 sqm) sheets.

How do I stick the foam deck grip down?

    • The foam deck grip comes with a marine grade water-proof pressure sensitive adhesive backing. This means the more weight you apply the better the bond.
    • We can supply foam grip without an adhesive back, to be stuck down with contact adhesive. This is very popular with the foam wheel grip service we offer.

Can I install the foam grip myself?

    • Yes of course. We offer a worldwide delivery service. And will supply you with all the information you need.

If you would like any advice on our foam deck grip installation service, please get in touch with us for a consultation call by using our Contact form.

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